Elect Marvin Sutton

Sunday, January 29, 2017


ARLINGTON, TX - January 18, 2017. Reintroducing District 3 to meaning and insightful leadership that is truly community focused tops the list of goals for community leader Marvin Sutton as he announces his candidacy for Arlington City Council. Marvin has a refreshing and dynamic approach to addressing the needs and concerns of people in southeast Arlington.  Marvin, a career air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration and a United States Air Force veteran, is ready to serve and ready to lead this great city in a direction that embraces aggressive public safety, transportation, economic, and environmental solutions. 

Marvin, a twenty-five year resident of Arlington, crime watch coordinator, community activist, election judge, and former candidate, has the depth, insight, wisdom, and vision needed to create a safer, smarter and greener city. He is passionate, focused, and committed to serving and representing the people of southeast Arlington.

In preparation for his retirement career as a Certified Public Accountant, Marvin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with honors from University of Texas at Arlington and received the highest honor bestowed on business majors by being accepted into Beta Gamma Sigma.  Marvin has successfully completed the CPA exams. He’s a proud member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars, American Institute of Certified Public Accountant, and National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Marvin has a passion for helping youth achieve their full potential. He created a community service award that recognizes youths’ positive behavior and was instrumental in organizing what has become an annual community service event. This event brings neighbors and youth together to beautify the neighborhood while allowing the community to positively interact with our young people. Marvin continues to play a critical role in assisting the neighborhood in addressing problem areas.

He served our country honorably for eight years in the United States Air Force. His tour of duty began in Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota where he secured nuclear weapons and ended at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas where he provided air traffic control services. Marvin received several distinguished awards and honors including becoming an honorary pilot. Just recently Marvin celebrated 35 years of federal service. In 2013, his portrait was displayed in the Pentagon as a result of his selection by Air Force Publication, Veteran in Blue.

Marvin is equipped and stands ready to serve and lead.  To learn more about the Campaign to Elect Marvin Sutton for Arlington City Council, District 3, contact us at: (817) 602-0644 or msutton

Facebook:  Marvin Sutton for Arlington City Council


Thursday, April 2, 2015

State Highway 360 Expansion Begins this Fall

State Highway 360 (Sublett/Camp Wisdom Road to US Route 287) is expected to begin its 2-year toll road construction project this fall.

Candidate Forum Hosted by the Arlington Republican Club

ARLINGTON, TX - March 26, 2015.  Marvin Sutton, Robert Rivera, and Daniel Melendez attended the Arlington Republican Club forum at Humperdink's. After an opening statement from each candidate, the moderator, Dale Attebery, asked questions pertaining to camera enforced red lights and investment in the Great Southwest Industrial District. The candidates agreed that an invest in the Southwest Industrial District made good business sense. On the red lights issue, Robert and Daniel opposed the use of the camera enforced operation while Marvin tended to remain neutral until he's able to review more data on the subject. Marvin believes that the primary role of our government is public safety. Mr. Sutton said his campaign will take an official position on the issue in the upcoming weeks.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Candidate Forum Hosted by 360 Corridor Democratic Action

 GRAND PRAIRIE, TX - March 22, 2015.  Marvin Sutton and Daniel Melendez, a candidate  competing for the same office, shared their thoughts about the future of Arlington and in particular,  the southeast district. Robert Rivera, the incumbent, failed to participate in this forum.  Mr.Sutton  believes that we can collectively create a safer, smarter, and greener city by addressing the  following:

1) Urban gas drilling- provide proper oversight.

2) Comprehensive rail transit system- mitigate traffic
     gridlock for commuters and visitors.

3) First responders' workforce-  increase staffing and
    modernize our staffing model.

4) Governing- revisit our city charter to create a sixth district
     and eliminate one of the at-large  
     district with citizens' approval.

5) Quality jobs- build relationships and create incentives for        major companies and headquarters to relocate to Arlington
     while developing the right commercial and residential tax      base balance.

 Mr. Sutton believes that he's capable of bringing a fresh  prospective, forward thinking, and innovative ideas to move  our city forward. Mr. Melendez's concerns appear to centered around  police staffing and racial  profiling.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Election Judge Demonstrates the Voting Process

DALLAS, TX -  March 20, 2015.  Yesterday, Marvin Sutton, who served as an election judge, discussed the voting process and requirements with local college students. He introduced the class to the E-Slate, voting equipment used in Tarrant County elections. After a brief overview, Mr. Sutton demonstrated how to operate this device. He familiarized the student with the straight-ticket voting feature and closed the discussion and demonstration by highlighting ways to get involve in the political process.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

United States Air Force Veteran Honored in Veterans In Blue

ARLINGTON, TX  - March 7, 2015.  Marvin Sutton was selected along with 42 other distinguished veterans to be published in Veterans In Blue, Volume V.  Marvin's originally featured story is located online in its entirety at  These 43 honored veterans' portraits are currently on display on the 5th floor of the Pentagon. For more information on Mr. Sutton and each of these highly recognized veterans, go to the link below.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marvin Sutton Files for Office of Arlington City Council

ARLINGTON, TX - February 28, 2015.  Marvin Sutton, an air traffic controller and United States Air Force veteran filed for the Office of Arlington City Council District 3 on Friday, February 27th. Arlington is the 7th largest city in the state of Texas and the 50th largest in the United States. Marvin has the talent and commitment to served the district well. He looks forward to an open and honest dialogue which will highlight the district strengths and solutions that address concerns within the district.